LDW-SCSA: Logistic Dynamic Weight based Sine Cosine Search Algorithm for Numerical Functions Optimization

by   Turker Tuncer, et al.

Particle swarm optimization (PSO) and Sine Cosine algorithm (SCA) have been widely used optimization methods but these methods have some disadvantages such as trapped local optimum point. In order to solve this problem and obtain more successful results than others, a novel logistic dynamic weight based sine cosine search algorithm (LDW-SCSA) is presented in this paper. In the LDW-SCSA method, logistic map is used as dynamic weight generator. Logistic map is one of the famous and widely used chaotic map in the literature. Search process of SCA is modified in the LDW-SCSA. To evaluate performance of the LDW-SCSA, the widely used numerical benchmark functions were utilized as test suite and other swarm optimization methods were used to obtain the comparison results. Superior performances of the LDW-SCSA are proved success of this method.


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