LDU factorization

by   Gennadi Malaschonok, et al.

LU-factorization of matrices is one of the fundamental algorithms of linear algebra. The widespread use of supercomputers with distributed memory requires a review of traditional algorithms, which were based on the common memory of a computer. Matrix block recursive algorithms are a class of algorithms that provide coarse-grained parallelization. The block recursive LU factorization algorithm was obtained in 2010. This algorithm is called LEU-factorization. It, like the traditional LU-algorithm, is designed for matrices over number fields. However, it does not solve the problem of numerical instability. We propose a generalization of the LEU algorithm to the case of a commutative domain and its field of quotients. This LDU factorization algorithm decomposes the matrix over the commutative domain into a product of three matrices, in which the matrices L and U belong to the commutative domain, and the elements of the weighted truncated permutation matrix D are the elements inverse to the product of some pair of minors. All elements are calculated without errors, so the problem of instability does not arise.



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