LayoutXLM: Multimodal Pre-training for Multilingual Visually-rich Document Understanding

by   Yiheng Xu, et al.

Multimodal pre-training with text, layout, and image has achieved SOTA performance for visually-rich document understanding tasks recently, which demonstrates the great potential for joint learning across different modalities. In this paper, we present LayoutXLM, a multimodal pre-trained model for multilingual document understanding, which aims to bridge the language barriers for visually-rich document understanding. To accurately evaluate LayoutXLM, we also introduce a multilingual form understanding benchmark dataset named XFUN, which includes form understanding samples in 7 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese), and key-value pairs are manually labeled for each language. Experiment results show that the LayoutXLM model has significantly outperformed the existing SOTA cross-lingual pre-trained models on the XFUN dataset. The pre-trained LayoutXLM model and the XFUN dataset will be publicly available at



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