Layered Based Augmented Complex Kalman Filter for Fast Forecasting-Aided State Estimation of Distribution Networks

04/23/2018 ∙ by Mehdi Shafiei, et al. ∙ 0

In the presence of renewable resources, distribution networks have become extremely complex to monitor, operate and control. Furthermore, for the real time applications, active distribution networks require fast real time distribution state estimation (DSE). Forecasting aided state estimator (FASE), deploys measured data in consecutive time samples to refine the state estimate. Although most of the DSE algorithms deal with real and imaginary parts of distribution networks states independently, we propose a non iterative complex DSE algorithm based on augmented complex Kalman filter (ACKF) which considers the states as complex values. In case of real time DSE and in presence of a large number of customer loads in the system, employing DSEs in one single estimation layer is not computationally efficient. Consequently, our proposed method performs in several estimation layers hierarchically as a Multi layer DSE using ACKF (DSEMACKF). In the proposed method, a distribution network can be divided into one main area and several subareas. The aggregated loads in each subarea act like a big customer load in the main area. Load aggregation results in a lower variability and higher cross correlation. This increases the accuracy of the estimated states. Additionally, the proposed method is formulated to include unbalanced loads in low voltage (LV) distribution network.



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