Lattice Functions for the Analysis of Analgo-to-Digital Conversion

by   Pablo Martınez-Nuevo, et al.

Analog-to-digital (A/D) converters are the common interface between analog signals and the domain of digital discrete-time signal processing. In essence, this domain simultaneously incorporates quantization both in amplitude and time, i.e. amplitude quantization and uniform time sampling. Thus, we view A/D conversion as a sampling process in both the time and amplitude domains based on the observation that the underlying continuous-time signals representing digital sequences can be sampled in a lattice---i.e. at points restricted to lie in a uniform grid both in time and amplitude. We refer to them as lattice functions. This is in contrast with the traditional approach based on the classical sampling theorem and quantization error analysis. The latter has been mainly addressed with the help of probabilistic models, or deterministic ones either confined to very particular scenarios or considering worst-case assumptions. In this paper, we provide a deterministic theoretical analysis and framework for the functions involved in digital discrete-time processing. We show that lattice functions possess a rich analytic structure in the context of integral-valued entire functions of exponential type. We derive set and spectral properties of this class of functions. This allows us to prove in a deterministic way and for general bandlimited functions a fundamental bound on the spectrum of the quantization error that is independent of the resolution of the quantizer.


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