Lattice Boltzmann Method for wave propagation in elastic solids with a regular lattice: Theoretical analysis and validation

by   Maxime Escande, et al.

The von Neumann stability analysis along with a Chapman-Enskog analysis is proposed for a single-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) for wave propagation in isotropic linear elastic solids, using a regular D2Q9 lattice. Different boundary conditions are considered: periodic, free surface, rigid interface. An original absorbing layer model is proposed to prevent spurious wave reflection at domain boundaries. The present method is assessed considering several test cases. First, a spatial Gaussian force modulated in time by a Ricker wavelet is used as a source. Comparisons are made with results obtained using a classical Fourier spectral method. Both P and S waves are shown to be very accurately predicted. The case of Rayleigh surface waves is then addressed to check the accuracy of the method.



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