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Lattice Agreement in Message Passing Systems

by   Xiong Zheng, et al.
The University of Texas at Austin

This paper studies the lattice agreement problem and the generalized lattice agreement problem in distributed message passing systems. In the lattice agreement problem, given input values from a lattice, processes have to non-trivially decide output values that lie on a chain. We consider the lattice agreement problem in both synchronous and asynchronous systems. For synchronous lattice agreement, we present two algorithms which run in f and {O(^2 h(L)), O(^2 f)} rounds, respectively, where h(L) denotes the height of the input sublattice L, f < n is the number of crash failures the system can tolerate, and n is the number of processes in the system. These algorithms have significant better round complexity than previously known algorithms. The algorithm by Attiya et al. attiya1995atomic takes n synchronous rounds, and the algorithm by Mavronicolasa mavronicolasabound takes {O(h(L)), O(√(f))} rounds. For asynchronous lattice agreement, we propose an algorithm which has time complexity of 2 ·{h(L), f + 1} message delays which improves on the previously known time complexity of O(n) message delays. The generalized lattice agreement problem defined by Faleiro et al in faleiro2012generalized is a generalization of the lattice agreement problem where it is applied for the replicated state machine. We propose an algorithm which guarantees liveness when a majority of the processes are correct in asynchronous systems. Our algorithm requires {O(h(L)), O(f)} units of time in the worst case which is better than O(n) units of time required by the algorithm of Faleiro et al. faleiro2012generalized.


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