Latent Function Decomposition for Forecasting Li-ion Battery Cells Capacity: A Multi-Output Convolved Gaussian Process Approach

by   Abdallah A. Chehade, et al.

A latent function decomposition method is proposed for forecasting the capacity of lithium-ion battery cells. The method uses the Multi-Output Gaussian Process, a generative machine learning framework for multi-task and transfer learning. The MCGP decomposes the available capacity trends from multiple battery cells into latent functions. The latent functions are then convolved over kernel smoothers to reconstruct and/or forecast capacity trends of the battery cells. Besides the high prediction accuracy the proposed method possesses, it provides uncertainty information for the predictions and captures nontrivial cross-correlations between capacity trends of different battery cells. These two merits make the proposed MCGP a very reliable and practical solution for applications that use battery cell packs. The MCGP is derived and compared to benchmark methods on an experimental lithium-ion battery cells data. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed method.



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