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Latent Embeddings for Collective Activity Recognition

by   Yongyi Tang, et al.

Rather than simply recognizing the action of a person individually, collective activity recognition aims to find out what a group of people is acting in a collective scene. Previ- ous state-of-the-art methods using hand-crafted potentials in conventional graphical model which can only define a limited range of relations. Thus, the complex structural de- pendencies among individuals involved in a collective sce- nario cannot be fully modeled. In this paper, we overcome these limitations by embedding latent variables into feature space and learning the feature mapping functions in a deep learning framework. The embeddings of latent variables build a global relation containing person-group interac- tions and richer contextual information by jointly modeling broader range of individuals. Besides, we assemble atten- tion mechanism during embedding for achieving more com- pact representations. We evaluate our method on three col- lective activity datasets, where we contribute a much larger dataset in this work. The proposed model has achieved clearly better performance as compared to the state-of-the- art methods in our experiments.


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