Latency-Controlled Neural Architecture Search for Streaming Speech Recognition

by   Liqiang He, et al.

Recently, neural architecture search (NAS) has attracted much attention and has been explored for automatic speech recognition (ASR). Our prior work has shown promising results compared with hand-designed neural networks. In this work, we focus on streaming ASR scenarios and propose the latency-controlled NAS for acoustic modeling. First, based on the vanilla neural architecture, normal cells are altered to be causal cells, in order to control the total latency of the neural network. Second, a revised operation space with a smaller receptive field is proposed to generate the final architecture with low latency. Extensive experiments show that: 1) Based on the proposed neural architecture, the neural networks with a medium latency of 550ms (millisecond) and a low latency of 190ms can be learned in the vanilla and revised operation space respectively. 2) For the low latency setting, the evaluation network can achieve more than 19% (average on the four test sets) relative improvements compared with the hybrid CLDNN baseline, on a 10k-hour large-scale dataset. Additional 11% relative improvements can be achieved if the latency of the neural network is relaxed to the medium latency setting.



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