Lambek-Grishin Calculus: Focusing, Display and Full Polarization

11/05/2020 ∙ by Giuseppe Greco, et al. ∙ 0

Focused sequent calculi are a refinement of sequent calculi, where additional side-conditions on the applicability of inference rules force the implementation of a proof search strategy. Focused cut-free proofs exhibit a special normal form that is used for defining identity of sequent calculi proofs. We introduce a novel focused display calculus fD.LG and a fully polarized algebraic semantics FP.LG for Lambek-Grishin logic by generalizing the theory of multi-type calculi and their algebraic semantics with heterogenous consequence relations. The calculus fD.LG has strong focalization and it is sound and complete w.r.t. FP.LG. This completeness result is in a sense stronger than completeness with respect to standard polarized algebraic semantics (see e.g. the phase semantics of Bastenhof for Lambek-Grishin logic or Hamano and Takemura for linear logic), insofar we do not need to quotient over proofs with consecutive applications of shifts over the same formula. We plan to investigate the connections, if any, between this completeness result and the notion of full completeness introduced by Abramsky et al. We also show a number of additional results. fD.LG is sound and complete w.r.t. LG-algebras: this amounts to a semantic proof of the so-called completeness of focusing, given that the standard (display) sequent calculus for Lambek-Grishin logic is complete w.r.t. LG-algebras. fD.LG and the focused calculus f.LG of Moortgat and Moot are equivalent with respect to proofs, indeed there is an effective translation from f.LG-derivations to fD.LG-derivations and vice versa: this provides the link with operational semantics, given that every f.LG-derivation is in a Curry-Howard correspondence with a directional λμμ-term.



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