krippendorffsalpha: An R Package for Measuring Agreement Using Krippendorff's Alpha Coefficient

by   John Hughes, et al.

R package krippendorffsalpha provides tools for measuring agreement using Krippendorff's Alpha coefficient, a well-known nonparametric measure of agreement (also called inter-rater reliability and various other names). This article first develops Krippendorff's Alpha in a natural way, and situates Alpha among statistical procedures. Then the usage of package krippendorffsalpha is illustrated via analyses of two datasets, the latter of which was collected during an imaging study of hip cartilage. The package permits users to apply the Alpha methodology using built-in distance functions for the nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio levels of measurement. User-defined distance functions are also supported. The fitting function can accommodate any number of units, any number of coders, and missingness. Bootstrap inference is supported, and the bootstrap computation can be carried out in parallel.



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