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KO-PDE: Kernel Optimized Discovery of Partial Differential Equations with Varying Coefficients

by   Yingtao Luo, et al.

Partial differential equations (PDEs) fitting scientific data can represent physical laws with explainable mechanisms for various mathematically-oriented subjects. Most natural dynamics are expressed by PDEs with varying coefficients (PDEs-VC), which highlights the importance of PDE discovery. Previous algorithms can discover some simple instances of PDEs-VC but fail in the discovery of PDEs with coefficients of higher complexity, as a result of coefficient estimation inaccuracy. In this paper, we propose KO-PDE, a kernel optimized regression method that incorporates the kernel density estimation of adjacent coefficients to reduce the coefficient estimation error. KO-PDE can discover PDEs-VC on which previous baselines fail and is more robust against inevitable noise in data. In experiments, the PDEs-VC of seven challenging spatiotemporal scientific datasets in fluid dynamics are all discovered by KO-PDE, while the three baselines render false results in most cases. With state-of-the-art performance, KO-PDE sheds light on the automatic description of natural phenomenons using discovered PDEs in the real world.


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