Knowledge representation and diagnostic inference using Bayesian networks in the medical discourse

by   Sebastian Flügge, et al.

For the diagnostic inference under uncertainty Bayesian networks are investigated. The method is based on an adequate uniform representation of the necessary knowledge. This includes both generic and experience-based specific knowledge, which is stored in a knowledge base. For knowledge processing, a combination of the problem-solving methods of concept-based and case-based reasoning is used. Concept-based reasoning is used for the diagnosis, therapy and medication recommendation and evaluation of generic knowledge. Exceptions in the form of specific patient cases are processed by case-based reasoning. In addition, the use of Bayesian networks allows to deal with uncertainty, fuzziness and incompleteness. Thus, the valid general concepts can be issued according to their probability. To this end, various inference mechanisms are introduced and subsequently evaluated within the context of a developed prototype. Tests are employed to assess the classification of diagnoses by the network.



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