Knowledge Network and a Knowledge Network Example

11/22/2019 ∙ by Hilmi Bahadır Temur, et al. ∙ 0

Knowledge networks can be defined as social networks that enable the transfer of the knowledge, which is defined as the intellectual product formed as a result of the work of human intelligence, to be transferred to any other means of communication. A knowledge network represents a large number of people, resources and relationships between them, to create the highest value, primarily to accumulate and use knowledge through the process of generating and transmitting knowledge. General structure of knowledge networks; it consists of three basic stages: gathering, organizing and disseminating knowledge. The first step, knowledge collection, institutions and organizations to enter the network structure of the knowledge that is present. The organizing phase is the structuring of irregular and unstructured knowledge in the network structure according to certain standards and recording them regularly in the structure. Knowledge dissemination can be expressed as the transfer of organized knowledge in accordance with user knowledge and needs. The purpose of the training knowledge network is to ensure communication between the student, the teacher and the guide, and to store the knowledge that is formed in a course, to enable the system to be recorded in a systematic way, to disseminate it according to the needs of the users and to update the knowledge. A dynamic website and content management system have been developed for the training knowledge network. The training knowledge network has a flexible structure to support web technologies. By making production, management and publication of knowledge within the framework of specific needs, it provides knowledge network for different problems, producing different and tailored solutions. With the example of education knowledge network, a knowledge network that can be developed according to the innovative knowledge network structure is designed.



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