Knowledge Hypergraph Embedding Meets Relational Algebra

by   Bahare Fatemi, et al.

Embedding-based methods for reasoning in knowledge hypergraphs learn a representation for each entity and relation. Current methods do not capture the procedural rules underlying the relations in the graph. We propose a simple embedding-based model called ReAlE that performs link prediction in knowledge hypergraphs (generalized knowledge graphs) and can represent high-level abstractions in terms of relational algebra operations. We show theoretically that ReAlE is fully expressive and provide proofs and empirical evidence that it can represent a large subset of the primitive relational algebra operations, namely renaming, projection, set union, selection, and set difference. We also verify experimentally that ReAlE outperforms state-of-the-art models in knowledge hypergraph completion, and in representing each of these primitive relational algebra operations. For the latter experiment, we generate a synthetic knowledge hypergraph, for which we design an algorithm based on the Erdos-R'enyi model for generating random graphs.



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