Knowledge Graphs

by   Aidan Hogan, et al.

In this paper we provide a comprehensive introduction to knowledge graphs, which have recently garnered significant attention from both industry and academia in scenarios that require exploiting diverse, dynamic, large-scale collections of data. After a general introduction, we motivate and contrast various graph-based data models and query languages that are used for knowledge graphs. We discuss the roles of schema, identity, and context in knowledge graphs. We explain how knowledge can be represented and extracted using a combination of deductive and inductive techniques. We summarise methods for the creation, enrichment, quality assessment, refinement, and publication of knowledge graphs. We provide an overview of prominent open knowledge graphs and enterprise knowledge graphs, their applications, and how they use the aforementioned techniques. We conclude with high-level future research directions for knowledge graphs.



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Code Repositories


Python library for Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs

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Grakn Knowledge Graph Library (ML R&D)

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Reasoning Over Knowledge Graph Paths for Recommendation

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Multi-hop knowledge graph reasoning learned via policy gradient with reward shaping and action dropout

view repo


BioGrakn Knowledge Graph

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