Knowledge Embedding and Retrieval Strategies in an Informledge System

by   Dr T. R. Gopalakrishnan Nair, et al.

Informledge System (ILS) is a knowledge network with autonomous nodes and intelligent links that integrate and structure the pieces of knowledge. In this paper, we put forward the strategies for knowledge embedding and retrieval in an ILS. ILS is a powerful knowledge network system dealing with logical storage and connectivity of information units to form knowledge using autonomous nodes and multi-lateral links. In ILS, the autonomous nodes known as Knowledge Network Nodes (KNN)s play vital roles which are not only used in storage, parsing and in forming the multi-lateral linkages between knowledge points but also in helping the realization of intelligent retrieval of linked information units in the form of knowledge. Knowledge built in to the ILS forms the shape of sphere. The intelligence incorporated into the links of a KNN helps in retrieving various knowledge threads from a specific set of KNNs. A developed entity of information realized through KNN forms in to the shape of a knowledge cone



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