Knowledge-based Analysis for Mortality Prediction from CT Images

by   Hengtao Guo, et al.

Recent studies have highlighted the high correlation between cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and lung cancer, and both are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Low-Dose CT (LCDT) scans have led to significant improvements in the accuracy of lung cancer diagnosis and thus the reduction of cancer deaths. However, the high correlation between lung cancer and CVD has not been well explored for mortality prediction. This paper introduces a knowledge-based analytical method using deep convolutional neural network (CNN) for all-cause mortality prediction. The underlying approach combines structural image features extracted from CNNs, based on LDCT volume in different scale, and clinical knowledge obtained from quantitative measurements, to comprehensively predict the mortality risk of lung cancer screening subjects. The introduced method is referred to here as the Knowledge-based Analysis of Mortality Prediction Network, or KAMP-Net. It constitutes a collaborative framework that utilizes both imaging features and anatomical information, instead of completely relying on automatic feature extraction. Our work demonstrates the feasibility of incorporating quantitative clinical measurements to assist CNNs in all-cause mortality prediction from chest LDCT images. The results of this study confirm that radiologist defined features are an important complement to CNNs to achieve a more comprehensive feature extraction. Thus, the proposed KAMP-Net has shown to achieve a superior performance when compared to other methods.


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