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Knowledge-Aware Bayesian Deep Topic Model

by   Dongsheng Wang, et al.

We propose a Bayesian generative model for incorporating prior domain knowledge into hierarchical topic modeling. Although embedded topic models (ETMs) and its variants have gained promising performance in text analysis, they mainly focus on mining word co-occurrence patterns, ignoring potentially easy-to-obtain prior topic hierarchies that could help enhance topic coherence. While several knowledge-based topic models have recently been proposed, they are either only applicable to shallow hierarchies or sensitive to the quality of the provided prior knowledge. To this end, we develop a novel deep ETM that jointly models the documents and the given prior knowledge by embedding the words and topics into the same space. Guided by the provided knowledge, the proposed model tends to discover topic hierarchies that are organized into interpretable taxonomies. Besides, with a technique for adapting a given graph, our extended version allows the provided prior topic structure to be finetuned to match the target corpus. Extensive experiments show that our proposed model efficiently integrates the prior knowledge and improves both hierarchical topic discovery and document representation.


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