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Knowledge acquisition via interactive Distributed Cognitive skill Modules

by   Ahmet Orun, et al.

The human's cognitive capacity for problem solving is always limited to his/her educational background, skills, experiences, etc. Hence, it is often insufficient to bring solution to extraordinary problems especially when there is a time restriction. Nowadays this sort of personal cognitive limitations are overcome at some extend by the computational utilities (e.g. program packages, internet, etc.) where each one provides a specific background skill to the individual to solve a particular problem. Nevertheless these models are all based on already available conventional tools or knowledge and unable to solve spontaneous unique problems, except human's procedural cognitive skills. But unfortunately such low-level skills can not be modelled and stored in a conventional way like classical models and knowledge. This work aims to introduce an early stage of a modular approach to procedural skill acquisition and storage via distributed cognitive skill modules which provide unique opportunity to extend the limits of its exploitation.


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