Kinetic-diffusion asymptotic-preserving Monte Carlo algorithm for Boltzmann-BGK in the diffusive scaling

by   Bert Mortier, et al.

We develop a novel Monte Carlo strategy for the simulation of the Boltzmann-BGK model with both low-collisional and high-collisional regimes present. The presented solution to maintain accuracy in low-collisional regimes and remove exploding simulation costs in high-collisional regimes uses hybridized particles that exhibit both kinetic behaviour and diffusive behaviour depending on the local collisionality. In this work, we develop such a method that maintains the correct mean, variance, and correlation of the positional increments over multiple time steps of fixed step size for all values of the collisionality, under the condition of spatial homogeneity during the time step. In the low-collisional regime, the method reverts to the standard velocity-jump process. In the high-collisional regime, the method collapses to a standard random walk process. We analyze the error of the presented scheme in the low-collisional regime for which we obtain the order of convergence in the time step size. We furthermore provide an analysis in the high-collisional regime that demonstrates the asymptotic-preserving property.



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