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Keypoint based Sign Language Translation without Glosses

by   Youngmin Kim, et al.
Chung-Ang University

Sign Language Translation (SLT) is a task that has not been studied relatively much compared to the study of Sign Language Recognition (SLR). However, the SLR is a study that recognizes the unique grammar of sign language, which is different from the spoken language and has a problem that non-disabled people cannot easily interpret. So, we're going to solve the problem of translating directly spoken language in sign language video. To this end, we propose a new keypoint normalization method for performing translation based on the skeleton point of the signer and robustly normalizing these points in sign language translation. It contributed to performance improvement by a customized normalization method depending on the body parts. In addition, we propose a stochastic frame selection method that enables frame augmentation and sampling at the same time. Finally, it is translated into the spoken language through an Attention-based translation model. Our method can be applied to various datasets in a way that can be applied to datasets without glosses. In addition, quantitative experimental evaluation proved the excellence of our method.


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