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KeyIn: Discovering Subgoal Structure with Keyframe-based Video Prediction

by   Karl Pertsch, et al.

Real-world image sequences can often be naturally decomposed into a small number of frames depicting interesting, highly stochastic moments (its keyframes) and the low-variance frames in between them. In image sequences depicting trajectories to a goal, keyframes can be seen as capturing the subgoals of the sequence as they depict the high-variance moments of interest that ultimately led to the goal. In this paper, we introduce a video prediction model that discovers the keyframe structure of image sequences in an unsupervised fashion. We do so using a hierarchical Keyframe-Intermediate model (KeyIn) that stochastically predicts keyframes and their offsets in time and then uses these predictions to deterministically predict the intermediate frames. We propose a differentiable formulation of this problem that allows us to train the full hierarchical model using a sequence reconstruction loss. We show that our model is able to find meaningful keyframe structure in a simulated dataset of robotic demonstrations and that these keyframes can serve as subgoals for planning. Our model outperforms other hierarchical prediction approaches for planning on a simulated pushing task.


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