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Kernel-based L_2-Boosting with Structure Constraints

by   Yao Wang, et al.

Developing efficient kernel methods for regression is very popular in the past decade. In this paper, utilizing boosting on kernel-based weaker learners, we propose a novel kernel-based learning algorithm called kernel-based re-scaled boosting with truncation, dubbed as KReBooT. The proposed KReBooT benefits in controlling the structure of estimators and producing sparse estimate, and is near overfitting resistant. We conduct both theoretical analysis and numerical simulations to illustrate the power of KReBooT. Theoretically, we prove that KReBooT can achieve the almost optimal numerical convergence rate for nonlinear approximation. Furthermore, using the recently developed integral operator approach and a variant of Talagrand's concentration inequality, we provide fast learning rates for KReBooT, which is a new record of boosting-type algorithms. Numerically, we carry out a series of simulations to show the promising performance of KReBooT in terms of its good generalization, near over-fitting resistance and structure constraints.


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