K-Hairstyle: A Large-scale Korean hairstyle dataset for virtual hair editing and hairstyle classification

by   Taewoo Kim, et al.

The hair and beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries. This led to the development of various applications, such as virtual hair dyeing or hairstyle translations, to satisfy the need of the customers. Although there are several public hair datasets available for these applications, they consist of limited number of images with low resolution, which restrict their performance on high-quality hair editing. Therefore, we introduce a novel large-scale Korean hairstyle dataset, K-hairstyle, 256,679 with high-resolution images. In addition, K-hairstyle contains various hair attributes annotated by Korean expert hair stylists and hair segmentation masks. We validate the effectiveness of our dataset by leveraging several applications, such as hairstyle translation, and hair classification and hair retrieval. Furthermore, we will release K-hairstyle soon.


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