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Joint Relaying and Spatial Sharing Multicast Scheduling for mmWave Networks

by   Gek Hong, et al.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication plays a vital role to efficiently disseminate large volumes of data in beyond-5G networks. Unfortunately, the directionality of mmWave communication significantly complicates efficient data dissemination, particularly in multicasting, which is gaining more and more importance in emerging applications (e.g., V2X, public safety). While multicasting for systems operating at lower frequencies (i.e., sub-6GHz) has been extensively studied, they are sub-optimal for mmWave systems as mmWave has significantly different propagation characteristics, i.e., using the directional transmission to compensate for the high path loss and thus promoting spectrum sharing. In this paper, we propose novel multicast scheduling algorithms by jointly exploiting relaying and spatial sharing gains while aiming to minimize the multicast completion time. We first characterize the min-time mmWave multicasting problem with a comprehensive model and formulate it with an integer linear program (ILP). We further design a practical and scalable distributed algorithm named mmDiMu, based on gradually maximizing the transmission throughput over time. Finally, we carry out validation through extensive simulations in different scales and the results show that mmDiMu significantly outperforms conventional algorithms with around 95


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