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Joint Optimization of Transmission and Propulsion in UAV-Assisted Communication Networks

by   Omar J. Faqir, et al.
Imperial College London

The communication energy in a wireless network of mobile autonomous agents should be defined to include the propulsion energy as well as the transmission energy used to facilitate information transfer. We therefore develop communicationtheoretic and Newtonian dynamic models of the communication and locomotion expenditures of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). These models are used to formulate a novel nonlinear optimal control problem (OCP) for arbitrary networks of autonomous agents. This is the first work to consider mobility as a decision variable in UAV networks with multiple access channels. Where possible, we compare our results with known analytic solutions for particular single-hop network configurations. The OCP is then applied to a multiple-node UAV network for which previous results cannot be readily extended. Numerical results demonstrate increased network capacity and communication energy savings upwards of 70


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