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Joint Analog and Digital Transceiver Design for Wideband Full Duplex MIMO Systems

by   Md Atiqul Islam, et al.
University of Athens
University of Illinois at Chicago

In this paper, we propose a wideband Full Duplex (FD) Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) communication system comprising of an FD MIMO node simultaneously communicating with two multi-antenna UpLink (UL) and DownLink (DL) nodes utilizing the same time and frequency resources. To suppress the strong Self-Interference (SI) signal due to simultaneous transmission and reception in FD MIMO systems, we propose a joint design of Analog and Digital (A/D) cancellation as well as transmit and receive beamforming capitalizing on baseband Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) signal modeling. Considering practical transmitter impairments, we present a multi-tap wideband analog canceller architecture whose number of taps does not scale with the number of transceiver antennas and multipath SI components. We also propose a novel adaptive digital cancellation based on truncated singular value decomposition that reduces the residual SI signal estimation parameters. To maximize the FD sum rate, a joint optimization framework is presented for A/D cancellation and digital beamforming. Finally, our extensive waveform simulation results demonstrate that the proposed wideband FD MIMO design exhibits higher SI cancellation capability with reduced complexity compared to existing cancellation techniques, resulting in improved achievable rate performance.


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