Job Scheduling in Datacenters using Constraint Controlled RL

by   Vanamala Venkataswamy, et al.

This paper studies a model for online job scheduling in green datacenters. In green datacenters, resource availability depends on the power supply from the renewables. Intermittent power supply from renewables leads to intermittent resource availability, inducing job delays (and associated costs). Green datacenter operators must intelligently manage their workloads and available power supply to extract maximum benefits. The scheduler's objective is to schedule jobs on a set of resources to maximize the total value (revenue) while minimizing the overall job delay. A trade-off exists between achieving high job value on the one hand and low expected delays on the other. Hence, the aims of achieving high rewards and low costs are in opposition. In addition, datacenter operators often prioritize multiple objectives, including high system utilization and job completion. To accomplish the opposing goals of maximizing total job value and minimizing job delays, we apply the Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Lagrangian methods in Deep Reinforcement Learning to job scheduling problem in the green datacenter environment. Lagrangian methods are widely used algorithms for constrained optimization problems. We adopt a controls perspective to learn the Lagrange multiplier with proportional, integral, and derivative control, achieving favorable learning dynamics. Feedback control defines cost terms for the learning agent, monitors the cost limits during training, and continuously adjusts the learning parameters to achieve stable performance. Our experiments demonstrate improved performance compared to scheduling policies without the PID Lagrangian methods. Experimental results illustrate the effectiveness of the Constraint Controlled Reinforcement Learning (CoCoRL) scheduler that simultaneously satisfies multiple objectives.


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