Jiskefet, a bookkeeping application for ALICE

by   Marten Teitsma, et al.

A new bookkeeping system called Jiskefet is being developed for A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE) during Long Shutdown 2, to be in production until the end of LHC Run 4 (2029). Jiskefet unifies two functionalities: a) gathering, storing and presenting metadata associated with the operations of the ALICE experiment and b) tracking the asynchronous processing of the physics data. It will replace the existing ALICE Electronic Logbook and AliMonitor, allowing for a technology refresh and the inclusion of new features based on the experience collected during Run 1 and Run 2. The front end leverages web technologies much in use nowadays such as TypeScript and NodeJS and is adaptive to various clients such as tablets, mobile devices and other screens. The back end includes an OpenAPI specification based REST API and a relational database. This paper will describe the organization of the work done by various student teams who work on Jiskefet in sequential and parallel semesters and how continuity is guaranteed by using guidelines on coding, documentation and development. It will also describe the current status of the development, the initial experience in detector stand-alone commissioning setups and the future plans.


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