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Iterative Planning with Plan-Space Explanations: A Tool and User Study

by   Rebecca Eifler, et al.

In a variety of application settings, the user preference for a planning task - the precise optimization objective - is difficult to elicit. One possible remedy is planning as an iterative process, allowing the user to iteratively refine and modify example plans. A key step to support such a process are explanations, answering user questions about the current plan. In particular, a relevant kind of question is "Why does the plan you suggest not satisfy p?", where p is a plan property desirable to the user. Note that such a question pertains to plan space, i.e., the set of possible alternative plans. Adopting the recent approach to answer such questions in terms of plan-property dependencies, here we implement a tool and user interface for human-guided iterative planning including plan-space explanations. The tool runs in standard Web browsers, and provides simple user interfaces for both developers and users. We conduct a first user study, whose outcome indicates the usefulness of plan-property dependency explanations in iterative planning.


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