Iterative Algorithm Induced Deep-Unfolding Neural Networks: Precoding Design for Multiuser MIMO Systems

by   Qiyu Hu, et al.

Optimization theory assisted algorithms have received great attention for precoding design in multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) systems. Although the resultant optimization algorithms are able to provide excellent performance, they generally require considerable computational complexity, which gets in the way of their practical application in real-time systems. In this work, in order to address this issue, we first propose a framework for deep-unfolding, where a general form of iterative algorithm induced deep-unfolding neural network (IAIDNN) is developed in matrix form to better solve the problems in communication systems. Then, we implement the proposed deepunfolding framework to solve the sum-rate maximization problem for precoding design in MU-MIMO systems. An efficient IAIDNN based on the structure of the classic weighted minimum mean-square error (WMMSE) iterative algorithm is developed. Specifically, the iterative WMMSE algorithm is unfolded into a layer-wise structure, where a number of trainable parameters are introduced to replace the highcomplexity operations in the forward propagation. To train the network, a generalized chain rule of the IAIDNN is proposed to depict the recurrence relation of gradients between two adjacent layers in the back propagation. Moreover, we discuss the computational complexity and generalization ability of the proposed scheme. Simulation results show that the proposed IAIDNN efficiently achieves the performance of the iterative WMMSE algorithm with reduced computational complexity.



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