iTelos- Building reusable knowledge graphs

05/19/2021 ∙ by Fausto Giunchiglia, et al. ∙ 0

It is a fact that, when developing a new application, it is virtually impossible to reuse, as-is, existing datasets. This difficulty is the cause of additional costs, with the further drawback that the resulting application will again be hardly reusable. It is a negative loop which consistently reinforces itself and for which there seems to be no way out. iTelos is a general purpose methodology designed to break this loop. Its main goal is to generate reusable Knowledge Graphs (KGs), built reusing, as much as possible, already existing data. The key assumption is that the design of a KG should be done middle-out meaning by this that the design should take into consideration, in all phases of the development: (i) the purpose to be served, that we formalize as a set of competency queries, (ii) a set of pre-existing datasets, possibly extracted from existing KGs, and (iii) a set of pre-existing reference schemas, whose goal is to facilitate sharability. We call these reference schemas, teleologies, as distinct from ontologies, meaning by this that, while having a similar purpose, they are designed to be easily adapted, thus becoming a key enabler of itelos.



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