Isogeometric analysis of thin Reissner-Mindlin plates and shells: locking phenomena and B-bar method

by   Qingyuan Hu, et al.

We propose a local type of B-bar formulation, addressing locking in degenerated Reissner-Mindlin plate and shell formulations in the context of isogeometric analysis. Parasitic strain components are projected onto the physical space locally, i.e. at the element level, using a least-squares approach. The formulation allows the flexible utilization of basis functions of different order as the projection bases. The present formulation is much cheaper computationally than the classical B̅ method. We show the numerical consistency of the scheme through numerical examples, moreover they show that the proposed formulation alleviates locking and yields good accuracy even for slenderness ratios of 1 × 10^5, and has the ability to capture deformations of thin shells using relatively coarse meshes. In addition it can be opined that the proposed method is less sensitive to locking and mesh distortion.



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