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Isogeometric analysis for multi-patch structured Kirchhoff-Love shells

by   Andrea Farahat, et al.

We present an isogeometric method for the analysis of Kirchhoff-Love shell structures which are composed of multiple patches and which possibly possess extraordinary vertices, i.e. vertices with a valency different to four. The proposed isogeometric shell discretization is based on the one hand on the approximation of the mid-surface by a particular class of multi-patch surfaces, called analysis-suitable G^1 [1], and on the other hand on the use of the globally C^1-smooth isogeometric multi-patch spline space [2]. We use our developed technique within an isogeometric Kirchhoff-Love shell formulation [3] to study linear and non-linear shell problems on multi-patch structures. Thereby, the numerical results show the great potential of our method for the Kirchhoff-Love shell analysis of geometrically complex multi-patch structures which cannot be modeled without the use of extraordinary vertices.


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