Isabelle/jEdit --- a Prover IDE within the PIDE framework

by   Makarius Wenzel, et al.

PIDE is a general framework for document-oriented prover interaction and integration, based on a bilingual architecture that combines ML and Scala. The overall aim is to connect LCF-style provers like Isabelle (or Coq or HOL) with sophisticated front-end technology on the JVM platform, overcoming command-line interaction at last. The present system description specifically covers Isabelle/jEdit as part of the official release of Isabelle2011-1 (October 2011). It is a concrete Prover IDE implementation based on Isabelle/PIDE library modules (implemented in Scala) on the one hand, and the well-known text editor framework of jEdit (implemented in Java) on the other hand. The interaction model of our Prover IDE follows the idea of continuous proof checking: the theory source text is annotated by semantic information by the prover as it becomes available incrementally. This works via an asynchronous protocol that neither blocks the editor nor stops the prover from exploiting parallelism on multi-core hardware. The jEdit GUI provides standard metaphors for augmented text editing (highlighting, squiggles, tooltips, hyperlinks etc.) that we have instrumented to render the formal content from the prover context. Further refinement of the jEdit display engine via suitable plugins and fonts approximates mathematical rendering in the text buffer, including symbols from the TeX repertoire, and sub-/superscripts. Isabelle/jEdit is presented here both as a usable interface for current Isabelle, and as a reference application to inspire further projects based on PIDE.


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