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Is Federated Learning a Practical PET Yet?

by   Franziska Boenisch, et al.

Federated learning (FL) is a framework for users to jointly train a machine learning model. FL is promoted as a privacy-enhancing technology (PET) that provides data minimization: data never "leaves" personal devices and users share only model updates with a server (e.g., a company) coordinating the distributed training. We assess the realistic (i.e., worst-case) privacy guarantees that are provided to users who are unable to trust the server. To this end, we propose an attack against FL protected with distributed differential privacy (DDP) and secure aggregation (SA). The attack method is based on the introduction of Sybil devices that deviate from the protocol to expose individual users' data for reconstruction by the server. The underlying root cause for the vulnerability to our attack is the power imbalance. The server orchestrates the whole protocol and users are given little guarantees about the selection of other users participating in the protocol. Moving forward, we discuss requirements for an FL protocol to guarantee DDP without asking users to trust the server. We conclude that such systems are not yet practical.


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