IoT Solution for Winter Survival of Indoor Plants

by   Md Saroar Jahan, et al.

Not only does cold climate pose a problem for outdoor plants during winter in the northern hemisphere, but for indoor plants as well: low sunlight, low humidity, and simultaneous cold breezes from windows and heat from radiators all cause problems for indoor plants. People often treat their indoor plants like mere decoration, which can often lead to health issues for the plant or even death of the plant, especially during winter. A plant monitoring system was developed to solve this problem, collecting information on plants' indoor environmental conditions (light, humidity, and temperature) and providing this information in an accessible format for the user. Preliminary functional tests were conducted in similar settings where the system would be used. In addition, the concept was evaluated by interviewing an expert in the field of horticulture. The evaluation results indicate that this kind of system could prove useful; however, the tests indicated that the system requires further development to achieve more practical value and wider usage.



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