IoT Malware Network Traffic Classification using Visual Representation and Deep Learning

by   Gueltoum Bendiab, et al.

With the increase of IoT devices and technologies coming into service, Malware has risen as a challenging threat with increased infection rates and levels of sophistication. Without strong security mechanisms, a huge amount of sensitive data is exposed to vulnerabilities, and therefore, easily abused by cybercriminals to perform several illegal activities. Thus, advanced network security mechanisms that are able of performing a real-time traffic analysis and mitigation of malicious traffic are required. To address this challenge, we are proposing a novel IoT malware traffic analysis approach using deep learning and visual representation for faster detection and classification of new malware (zero-day malware). The detection of malicious network traffic in the proposed approach works at the package level, significantly reducing the time of detection with promising results due to the deep learning technologies used. To evaluate our proposed method performance, a dataset is constructed which consists of 1000 pcap files of normal and malware traffic that are collected from different network traffic sources. The experimental results of Residual Neural Network (ResNet50) are very promising, providing a 94.50 for detection of malware traffic.



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