Iot Based Low-Cost System For Monitoring Water Quality Of Karnaphuli River To Save The Ecosystem In Real-Time Environment

05/23/2020 ∙ by Abhijit Pathak, et al. ∙ 0

This paper is about preserving the Karnaphuli River ecosystem by controlling the quality of the water. We know an ecosystem is a mechanism that includes interactions between a populations of living andnon-living species. The environment comprises producers, primary customers, secondary consumers, thirdparty consumers and separators.This is a cycle. Every dimension is dependent upon one another. Water is an essential thought for all living things for the river ecosystem. The water quality of the river is also a major concern as it is used for drinking and private uses, agriculture and aquatic life but the water of the river is heavily polluted for modern civilization. The growth of new mills poisoned the river water by factory. The habitat for the polluted water is destroyed. River fishes are dead. Water plants cannot respond to the polluted water. Oxygen levels are decreasing. The water quality depends primarily on some water parameters. The water parameters are Temperature, pH and Dissolve Oxygen etc. They are called smart devices or intelligent things.When we speak of smart devices, we mean capturing and collecting information about any object capable of the environment, transmitting it via the existing network infrastructure, receiving data from the network to which it belongs and operating under certain conditions. Consequently, appropriate steps against such anthropogenic activities should be taken to improve the overall water quality of the Karnaphuli River for its sustainable usage.



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