Investigations on Audiovisual Emotion Recognition in Noisy Conditions

by   Michael Neumann, et al.

In this paper we explore audiovisual emotion recognition under noisy acoustic conditions with a focus on speech features. We attempt to answer the following research questions: (i) How does speech emotion recognition perform on noisy data? and (ii) To what extend does a multimodal approach improve the accuracy and compensate for potential performance degradation at different noise levels? We present an analytical investigation on two emotion datasets with superimposed noise at different signal-to-noise ratios, comparing three types of acoustic features. Visual features are incorporated with a hybrid fusion approach: The first neural network layers are separate modality-specific ones, followed by at least one shared layer before the final prediction. The results show a significant performance decrease when a model trained on clean audio is applied to noisy data and that the addition of visual features alleviates this effect.



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