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Investigation on Principles for Cost Assignment in Motion Vector-based Video Steganography

by   Jun Li, et al.

Cost assignment in the motion vector domain remains a research focus in video steganography. Recent studies in image steganography have summarized many principles for cost assignment and achieved good results. But the basic principles for cost assignment in motion vector-based video steganography have not been fully discussed yet. Firstly, this paper proposes three principles for cost assignment in the motion vector domain, including the principle of local optimality, non-consistency in the block group, and complexity priority. Secondly, three corresponding novel practical distortion functions were designed according to the three principles. Finally, a joint distortion function is constructed based on all three principles to increase overall performance. The experimental results show that not only the three independent distortion functions can effectively resist the corresponding steganalysis attacks, but the final joint distortion can resist the three steganalysis features simultaneously. In addition, it can obtain good visual quality and coding efficiency, which can be applied to practical scenarios.


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