Investigation by Driving Simulation of Tractor Overturning Accidents Caused by Steering Instability

01/09/2021 ∙ by Masahisa Watanabe, et al. ∙ 0

Overturning tractors are the leading cause of fatalities on farms. Steering instability contributes significantly to the tractor overturning. This study investigated tractor overturning accidents caused by the steering instability using a driving simulator. The general commercial driving simulator CarSim (Mechanical Simulation Cooperation, MI, USA) was used. Tractor operations on steep passage slopes were simulated to mimic conditions present for a real accident case reported in Japan. Simulations were performed on roads with and without slopes. The tractor overturned only when on the road with the steep slope. The decrease in the vertical force on the front wheel caused the steering instability and the tractor to overturn. The steering instability caused understeer which prevents the operator from being able to control the tractor properly. Subsequently, the tractor overturned in the simulation. The tractor driving simulator was capable of reproducing the steering instability which can lead to the overturning accident.



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