Investigating the Requirements for Building a Blockchain- Based Achievement Record System

07/04/2020 ∙ by Bakri Awaji, et al. ∙ 0

A trusted achievement record is a secure system that aims to record and authenticate certificates as well as key learning activities and achievements. This paper intends to gather important information on the thoughts and outlooks of stakeholders on an achievement record system that uses blockchain and smart contract technology. The system would allow stakeholders (for example employers) to validate learning records. Two main aims are investigated. The first is to evaluate the suitability of the idea of building a trusted achievement record for learners in higher education, and to evaluate potential user knowledge of blockchain technology. This is to ensure that a designed system is usable. The second aim includes an interview conducted with a small group of participants to gather information about the challenges individuals have when creating, and reviewing CVs. Overall, 90 there was a strong need for a trusted achievement record. In addition, 93.64 of respondents stated that they felt it was invaluable to have a system that is usable by all stakeholders. When tackling the second aim it was found that a primary challenge is lack of knowledge of blockchain and its complexity. From the employers' perspective, there is a lack of trust due to inaccuracies when students describe skills and qualifications in their resumes.



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