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Investigating Stateful Defenses Against Black-Box Adversarial Examples

by   Ryan Feng, et al.
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Defending machine-learning (ML) models against white-box adversarial attacks has proven to be extremely difficult. Instead, recent work has proposed stateful defenses in an attempt to defend against a more restricted black-box attacker. These defenses operate by tracking a history of incoming model queries, and rejecting those that are suspiciously similar. The current state-of-the-art stateful defense Blacklight was proposed at USENIX Security '22 and claims to prevent nearly 100 ImageNet datasets. In this paper, we observe that an attacker can significantly reduce the accuracy of a Blacklight-protected classifier (e.g., from 82.2 6.4 attack. Motivated by this surprising observation, since existing attacks were evaluated by the Blacklight authors, we provide a systematization of stateful defenses to understand why existing stateful defense models fail. Finally, we propose a stronger evaluation strategy for stateful defenses comprised of adaptive score and hard-label based black-box attacks. We use these attacks to successfully reduce even reconfigured versions of Blacklight to as low as 0 robust accuracy.


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