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InverseMV: Composing Piano Scores with a Convolutional Video-Music Transformer

by   Chin-Tung Lin, et al.

Many social media users prefer consuming content in the form of videos rather than text. However, in order for content creators to produce videos with a high click-through rate, much editing is needed to match the footage to the music. This posts additional challenges for more amateur video makers. Therefore, we propose a novel attention-based model VMT (Video-Music Transformer) that automatically generates piano scores from video frames. Using music generated from models also prevent potential copyright infringements that often come with using existing music. To the best of our knowledge, there is no work besides the proposed VMT that aims to compose music for video. Additionally, there lacks a dataset with aligned video and symbolic music. We release a new dataset composed of over 7 hours of piano scores with fine alignment between pop music videos and MIDI files. We conduct experiments with human evaluation on VMT, SeqSeq model (our baseline), and the original piano version soundtrack. VMT achieves consistent improvements over the baseline on music smoothness and video relevance. In particular, with the relevance scores and our case study, our model has shown the capability of multimodality on frame-level actors' movement for music generation. Our VMT model, along with the new dataset, presents a promising research direction toward composing the matching soundtrack for videos. We have released our code at


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