Introduction of Quantification in Frame Semantics

01/25/2020 ∙ by Valentin D. Richard, et al. ∙ 0

Feature Structures (FSs) are a widespread tool used for decompositional frameworks of Attribute-Value associations. Even though they thrive in simple systems, they lack a way of representing higher-order entities and relations. This is however needed in Frame Semantics, where semantic dependencies should be able to connect groups of individuals and their properties, especially to model quantification. To answer this issue, this master report introduces wrappings as a way to envelop a sub-FS and treat it as a node. Following the work of [Kallmeyer, Osswald 2013], we extend its syntax, semantics and some properties (translation to FOL, subsumption, unification). We can then expand the proposed pipeline. Lexical minimal model sets are generated from formulas. They unify by FS value equations obtained by LTAG parsing to an underspecified sentence representation. The syntactic approach of quantifiers allows us to use existing methods to produce any possible reading. Finally, we give a transcription to type-logical formulas to interact with the context in the view of dynamic semantics. Supported by ideas of Frame Types, this system provides a workable and tractable tool for higher-order relations with FS.



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