Introducing MANtIS: a novel Multi-Domain Information Seeking Dialogues Dataset

12/10/2019 ∙ by Gustavo Penha, et al. ∙ 0

Conversational search is an approach to information retrieval (IR), where users engage in a dialogue with an agent in order to satisfy their information needs. Previous conceptual work described properties and actions a good agent should exhibit. Unlike them, we present a novel conceptual model defined in terms of conversational goals, which enables us to reason about current research practices in conversational search. Based on the literature, we elicit how existing tasks and test collections from the fields of IR, natural language processing (NLP) and dialogue systems (DS) fit into this model. We describe a set of characteristics that an ideal conversational search dataset should have. Lastly, we introduce MANtIS (the code and dataset are available at, a large-scale dataset containing multi-domain and grounded information seeking dialogues that fulfill all of our dataset desiderata. We provide baseline results for the conversation response ranking and user intent prediction tasks.



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MANtIS - a multi-domain information seeking dialogues dataset

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