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Intrinsic Relationship Reasoning for Small Object Detection

by   Kui Fu, et al.

The small objects in images and videos are usually not independent individuals. Instead, they more or less present some semantic and spatial layout relationships with each other. Modeling and inferring such intrinsic relationships can thereby be beneficial for small object detection. In this paper, we propose a novel context reasoning approach for small object detection which models and infers the intrinsic semantic and spatial layout relationships between objects. Specifically, we first construct a semantic module to model the sparse semantic relationships based on the initial regional features, and a spatial layout module to model the sparse spatial layout relationships based on their position and shape information, respectively. Both of them are then fed into a context reasoning module for integrating the contextual information with respect to the objects and their relationships, which is further fused with the original regional visual features for classification and regression. Experimental results reveal that the proposed approach can effectively boost the small object detection performance.


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